Shaved ice-Fruits

Shaved ice from natural water.

    • Kakigori

    • Mango



      This uses a lot of sweet mangos from Miyazaki and is made.

    • Strawberry


      strawberry-kaigoriThe syrup is made with a fresh domestic strawberry.

    • Kiwi


      KiwiThis is made with a kiwi with full of fresh vitamin C.

    • Peach


      天然水ももかき氷This is made with a fresh peach from Wakayama.

    • Melon


      天然水夕張メロンかき氷This uses a melon from Yubari luxuriously and is made.

    • Kyoho grape


      天然水巨峰かき氷This uses fresh Kyoho grape luxuriously and is made.